Men’s Tweed Wedding Outfits For A Dapper Chap

Tuesday, 29 May 2018
Men’s Tweed Wedding Outfits For A Dapper Chap

What to wear to a country wedding

Country weddings are particularly special; the idyllic rural settings lend themselves to a less formal approach to the day. Pretty village churches, festooned with nonchalantly arranged seasonal flowers, vintage coaches or horse-drawn carriages for transport and the day ending in a marquee with hay bales and country dancing.

They encapsulate a wonderful bucolic celebration that is timeless and quintessentially British. Which means your country wedding attire needs to be just as special. Continue reading to discover the best men’s tweed wedding suits and how to wear tweed suits perfectly.

a bouquet of flowers positioned next to a close up of a tweed suit adorned with a yellow pocket handkerchief and matching tie
Our Barleycorn tweed and wildflowers, perfect for a country wedding.

Over the past ten years, there has been a resurgence of tweed as the cloth of choice for country weddings, not only for guests but also the bridal party.

Tweed has the ability to look both smart, yet relaxed and adds a wonderful individuality to the day. Which is why we recommend the classic tweed wedding outfit, both for guests and for groomsmen.

How to put together your tweed wedding outfit for the special day.

Two of our best tweed wedding suits have proved very popular for country weddings, our lightweight Elland Check, with its subtle blue windowpane, a great choice for warmer months, while our Sporting Check with its ginger and wine overcheck is great if you want to partner your tweed with stronger coloured accessories.

Either go for the full three piece in tweed or add a touch of colour with a moleskin or doeskin waistcoat.

A collection of tweed items of clothing and accessories, including a female blouse, a male tweed jacket a red sock, a necktie, a pair of dark green tweed trousers and a metal flask featuring a stag.
Country tweed wedding outfit idea: The Sporting Check

You will, of course, be wearing a boutonnière on your lapel, and this is an opportunity to tie your tweed wedding outfit in with the brides. Instead of a traditional tie, why not wear a silk cravat or a bow tie?

We offer a range of matching hand rolled silk handkerchiefs that beautifully complement our best tweed suits. For this country wedding outfit idea, we have used a ginger coloured hank to match the ginger found in the Sporting Check.

A tattersall shirt is perfect with tweed, and again gives you a chance to add some colour, the pheasant check shirt in yellow is beautifully smart, and the yellow colour is our favourite with the Sporting Check.

Finish your outfit with a pair of ginger cashmere socks for a flash of colour, and a smart pair of traditional brogues. Cheaney has perfect British made brogues.

That is the traditional tweed wedding outfit sorted for the day, which just leaves the speech. Make sure you have a stag pewter flask, discreetly tucked into your inside pocket in case a little nip is required. Don’t forget to compliment your new mother-in-law, and tell the bridesmaids they look beautiful!