Men's Country Caps
Men's Country Caps
Men's Country Caps

Classic men's country hats

Men's Country Caps

Discover our signature range of men's country caps for a uniquely country finish to any outfit. Find men's tweed caps, designed and made in Britain and available in a range of colours. For the perfect countryside look, pair one of our men's garforth caps in corduroy with a tweed jacket.
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Our signature range of men's tweed caps, designed and made in Britain and available in a range of colours. Create a stylish countryside look with one of our herringbone or corduroy caps and our men's tweed jackets.

Men's Caps

The History of the Flat Cap

Flat caps first originated in Northern England during the 16th Century and were at one time a renowned symbol of the working-class Brit. By the early 20th Century, flat caps had ballooned in popularity for all classes, and they became integrated into much of British life from outdoor activities such as fishing and shooting to children’s school uniforms. Today, they are commonly associated with the British countryside.

How to Wear a Flat Cap

Flat caps are very versatile and can be worn both formally and casually. Traditionally, a flat cap pairs well with a tattersall shirt and a tweed jacket. For outdoor activities, field coats are also an excellent choice to wear with a flat cap.

What is a Garforth Cap

A Garforth cap is a classic, traditional flat cap that is crafted from wool. Featuring a deep back and crown it offers excellent protection from the elements and pairs very nicely with a tweed suit.

What is a Trilby?

A Trilby is a narrow-brimmed hat often made from felt, wool or straw. Trilbies gained popularity in the early 20th Century as an accessory for both men and women. Although designs can vary, trilbies often have a ribbon or band around the base of the crown.