Welcome to Cordings, an iconic part of London's landscape since 1839

On Piccadilly, half a minute away from Eros

In 1839, at the age of 35, Mr John Charles Cording opened his first shop in The Strand as outfitter and waterproofer. Cordings quickly became synonymous with outdoor living and was an important shop for all city gentlemen to call at before venturing into the countryside or even further afield. In 1871 Sir Henry Moreton Stanley was kitted out in the store in preparation for his famous journey to find Dr Livingstone.

These famous waterproof garments were the predecessor to the famous Cordings rubberised Macintosh which was considered essential kit in the hunting field and by early motorists in their open top cars. Still a cornerstone of the collection and made in Scotland exclusively for Cordings.

The men's floor is reached using the original oak stair case.

Cordings celebrate colour throughout the collection, nowhere is this more apparent than the Brilliantly British men's trouser collections.

In 1922, the young Prince of Wales adopted Cordings as one of his outfitters in the manner of his father before him. Cordings have made riding boots for the Queen Mother, the Duke of Windsor and Mrs Simpson.

Perhaps the most iconic item in the collection is the Covert Coat. Invented by Cordings (an early version is in the V&A museum in London), it is still a corner stone of the mens collection.

Noll Uloth, MD of Cordings explains its significance to Ruby Wax as part of the Brilliant Britain television series.

In February 2003 the current management team approached Cordings best customer and asked if he would assist in a management buyout. A presentation was prepared for him and after 3 minutes of this carefully prepared presentation he declared he would support it, he never did hear the final 17 minutes! The best customer was Eric Clapton. One of his favourite items is the Cordings Tattersall shirt, named after the horse blankets, and now synonymous with English country wear.

The ladies' collection has re-emerged in the last ten years stronger than ever. Exclusive to Cordings it embodies
British style.

The values that have carried Cordings from 1839 to today are still as important to us today as then, quality, service and an adherence to Brilliantly British style.