The Gentlemen Outfits: Cordings plays starring role in the super-stylish new Netflix series

Wednesday, 20 March 2024
The Gentlemen Outfits: Cordings plays starring role in the super-stylish new Netflix series

Netflix series The Gentlemen is winning praise for its sartorial style with key pieces from Cordings used to create its signature classic-with-a-twist countrywear looks.

Guy Ritchie’s new Netflix series The Gentlemen is streaming now to great acclaim as it takes viewers on a fast-paced, wise-cracking, super-stylish joyride, chasing down the fortunes of a family of aristocrats who crash into the world of organised crime.

Following on from Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name, The Gentlemen sees Eddie Horniman (Theo James) leapfrog his elder brother, Lord Frederick “Freddy” Horniman (Daniel Ings) to inherit their father’s title of Duke of Halstead, as well as the family estate, only to discover that it has been bankrolled for years by a gangster-run cannabis farm hidden right under their noses. At face value, the Hornimans have it all – the looks, the titles, the grand country pile (filmed at Badminton House in Gloucestershire). And, as fashion lovers across the globe agree, they also have wardrobes to die for.

The Gentlemen clothing is superbly styled by costume designer Loulou Bontemps, (find her on Instagram @maisonbontemps) and features the classic-with-a-twist countrywear outfits that have been combined to become such an evocative and swoon-worthy aspect of the drama, underpinning the series’ very British, modern-classic yet quirky aesthetic – and Cordings has played a significant role in creating these outfits for the Gentlemen.

“I chose Cordings because it is quintessentially British for both men and women. The clothing is beautifully made, stylish, with fabulous textures and colours.” Loulou explains, adding “we had such a wild time creating all the looks on the show. Joely’s wardrobe is one of my very favourites”

Playing the Part: Cordings Outfits from the Gentlemen

As Lady Sabrina Horniman, Dowager Duchess of Halstead, Joely Richardson’s wardrobe features several key pieces from Cordings to give her a “lady of the manor” country daywear style, offset with a cool, European edge (suggesting that there is more to her than a first glance might suggest). At home on the estate, one of Lady Sabrina’s signature ensembles features the Cordings Wincanton Tweed Jacket worn with matching Wincanton Waistcoat and Trousers, and also teamed with other pieces, including the Cordings Merino Roll Neck Sweater, a Cordings White Floral Trim Fitted Shirt, and a pair of Schoffel Moleskin Breeks. This easy mixing and matching shows just how hard-working and multi-tasking the Wincanton range is, and how effectively it can be styled to create different looks with a few simple switches (it has to be noted here that Lady Sabrina’s silk scarf tying is a masterclass in itself).  

To get this Lady Sabrina look head-to-toe, we suggest trying Wincanton pieces with our Brown and Sage Leather and Suede Brogues and topping it off with our Green Wax Cotton Drifter Hat.

Two images of Joley Richardson playing Lady Sabrina in the Netflix series The Gentlemen, wearing a Cordings Wincanton Tweed Suit.
JOELY RICHARDSON AS LADY SABRINA showing the multi tasking and versatile Wincanton tweed suit.

The Wincanton Suit look

Another of Joely Richardson’s Lady Sabrina outfits teams a Cordings Liberty Print Silk Shirt (this one is in the Rust Manor print, but there are several other options) with the Cordings Straight Leg Velvet Jeans in Wine, adding an earthy green-toned tweed waistcoat and, yet again, one of her splendid silk scarves, this time in green and black, tied insouciantly about the neck. To get the look, try adding our Olive Herringbone Waistcoat.

Two images of Joley Richardson playing Lady Sabrina in the Netflix series The Gentlemen, wearing a Cordings Liberty Shirt.
JOELY RICHARDSON AS LADY SABRINA wears warm country hues that blend perfectly in this elegant outfit.

The Liberty Shirt Look

Theo James plays Lady Sabrina’s son, Edward “Eddie” Horniman, the new 10th Duke of Halstead, who, when we first meet him, is an army captain and former United Nations peacekeeping officer (his diplomatic and combat skills will soon be tested to the full).

Cordings also plays a part in his wardrobe, for example, in this casual at-home look which teams a Cordings Shawl Collar Cardigan in Denim Blue with a shirt and trousers, for an understated and cosy ensemble that is also suitably smart enough for receiving unexpected guests, should the need arise.

To get the look, style the cardigan with our Dark Khaki Cotton Gabardine Drill Suit Trousers.

Theo James in the Netflix series The Gentlemen wearing a shawl collar cardigan from Cordings.
THEO JAMES AS EDDIE HORNIMAN wearing a Cordings Shawl Collar Cardigan for his off duty look.

The Shawl Collar Cardigan Look

Loulou Bontemps and the costume team clearly had a great deal of fun kitting out Daniel Ings as Eddie’s overlooked and chaotic elder brother, Freddy Horniman – witness the scenes of him striding the estate gardens in his slippers, shotgun in hand, wearing the Cordings Grey Herringbone Donegal Coat over a Cordings Tattersall Shirt and our Olive Crown Shooting Stockings, finished with a jaunty tweed cap worn backwards. And why not, if it works? Slightly bonkers, totally brilliant.

Daniel Ings playing Freddie Horniman in the Netflix series The Gentlemen wearing a Cordings Foolifoot coat whilst smoking a cigar.
DANIEL INGE AS FREDDY HORNIMAN showcasing the Follifoot with an outfit that can be described as slightly bonkers – totally brilliant!

The Follifoot Coat Look

Freddy’s ‘chaos couture’ reaches a pinnacle in his outfit choice for the boxing fight scene. Teaming a vintage fur coat, wool check tie and sunglasses with our Rosebud Pink Corduroy Trousers and a classic Small Check Tattersall Shirt creates a fabulously decadent look; part 70’s rock star, part off duty country gent.

Finally, one of our favourite sartorial looks spotted in The Gentlemen was sported by Alexis Rodney, who plays the elegantly dressed Emory Stevens, loyal manservant to Stanley Johnston, an American billionaire who wants to buy Halstead Manor. 

Stevens wears the three-piece Cordings Redcar Tweed Suit (which comes in a lighter 12oz tweed with a subtle overcheck, woven for us in Yorkshire) with our Classic Oxford Shirt in Yellow. To complete the look, we suggest trying our Big 5 Silk Foulard Tie, for an immaculately put-together ensemble that is every inch the gentleman.

Alexis Rodney as Emory Stevens in the Netflix series The Gentlemen, wearing a Cordings Red Car Tweed Suit.
ALEXIS RODNEY AS EMORY STEVENS wearing the Redcar three piece suit looks every inch The Gentleman.

The Redcar Suit Look