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The fabric of Britain
The fabric of Britain

The fabric of Britain

Cut from a different cloth

Learn about the fabrics that make the collections so unique

In praise of: British suiting.

A GUIDE TO BRITISH SUITING CLOTHS. For much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Britain dominated the world’s textile manufacturing. Whilst Lancashire mills focused on cotton, Scottish mills on tweed, and Cotswold mills on woollens, the mills in Yorkshire specialised in weaving worsted cloths that were unrivalled in their quality and durability. Towns such as … Continued

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Knitwear Know How

All great knitwear stories start with a good yarn… Cordings have always been trusted to create quality garments from our tweed jackets to our Mackintosh coats, and our knitwear collection is no different. Working with small makers and mills in Scotland, England and Wales using time honoured techniques, the seasonal and core ranges are created … Continued

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In Praise of: Fair Isle Knitwear

ORIGINS OF FAIRISLE KNITWEAR The traditional technique of Fair Isle knitting is named after the tiny island it originates from, part of the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Its exact history is unknown; but there are strong similarities in design with the bold patterns found on traditional Icelandic and Scandinavian knitwear, which were historically strong trading … Continued

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Colourful Characters: the Cordings Trouser Collection

The famous trouser rail at Cordings boasts almost all the colours of the spectrum. In more chivalrous times Lords would be preceded by their heralds proudly displaying their standards. In modern times our cords have been adopted by some equally colourful characters. Barristers and Baronets, Lords and Lairds, Royalty and Rockstars set off their understated … Continued

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Linen: The Perfect Summer Cloth

Linen is one of the first fibres that people made into string and cloth. Derived from the flax plant, which has naturally long fibres that can be separated and spun together to create yarn. Linen cloth has been found in archaeological sites proving it was woven by humans as early as thirty-six thousand BC and … Continued

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The Cordings Covert Coat

Given its well-documented history and enduring popularity since its conception by Cordings in the 1900’s, the iconic covert coat has a lot to live up to. But live up to it, it certainly does. This is one of those classic British style pieces that reaches across the generations and speaks both of fine quality and … Continued

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The origins of the Tattersall

Tattersall, now synonymous with country style, has an interesting pedigree. These immediately recognisable, simple two or three colour over checks started life as lowly horse blankets. First commissioned by Richard Tattersall in 1766, for use on the race horses auctioned at his eponymous auction house, near Hyde Park, in what was at the time on the … Continued

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The Cordings Mackintosh: Hand made since 1843

Waterproofers to the King is the headline in a Cordings advertisement in 1916 referring to “nautical and sporting waterproofers and tailors”, and lists such items as “the new dreadnought coat – warranted to resist the effects of any climate” and “sheet India rubber fishing boots”. The Birth of the Cordings Mackintosh Cordings were one of … Continued

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Harris Tweed: An artisan, luxury cloth.

Each season, Cordings work with Mills throughout the United Kingdom, and Ireland to create our new tweed ranges, and each season, without fail, we will include at least two Harris Tweed cloths. What makes Harris so distinctive? Harris Tweed is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities that is hand woven anywhere in the world, … Continued

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Following recent UK government guidelines we have instructed all our staff to stay home until further notice.

We are unable at this time to process and ship any online orders.
orders placed will be immediately refunded.

We hope to be up and running again as soon as possible, and in the meantime wish everyone to stay safe and well in these unprecedented times.

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