Men's Linen Trousers
Men's Linen Trousers
Men's Linen Trousers

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Men's Linen Trousers

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Linen Trousers

What is Linen?

Linen is a very lightweight and comfortable material made from the fibres of the flax plant. Due to its loose weave, linen is a highly breathable fabric which makes it a perfect material to wear in warmer weather.

How to Care for Linen Trousers

Linen trousers should be dry cleaned only, in order to maintain their quality and shape. Depending on the weave or the thickness of fabric, some linen clothing can be at risk of shrinking in the washing machine.

Is Linen Clothing Durable?

Yes, high quality linen clothing is durable, and the fabric has naturally strong and resilient fibres. If cared for properly, Cordings linen trousers can last a lifetime.

How To Remove Wrinkles from Linen

Iron linen whilst damp or by spritzing it with water. Using water helps to relax the fabric and make it easier to remove creases and wrinkles. To avoid creasing, linen should be folded tightly or hung on hangars.

What to Wear with Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are very versatile and can be worn formally or casually. For a more formal look, a well-fitted, lightweight linen jacket is the ideal pairing. A linen suit is the summer alternative to a tweed suit for the British gent. If you wanted a more casual appearance, a polo shirt and leather belt would work perfectly.