Jack Wills’ and Cordings

Monday, 17 September 2012
Jack Wills’ and Cordings

Jack Wills in Collaboration with Cordings

Cordings has been part of the British sartorial landscape since 1839 and has inspired each new generation of designers looking to celebrate all things British. It is always a pleasure to share our heritage with like minded Companies, and remind ourselves what makes Cordings so unique.

Recently Jack Wills approached us to develop a range that would be inspired by the Cordings collection, but interpreted for the Jack Wills customer. The collaboration has produced quilted jackets, covert coats and jodhpurs, but the starting point was, of course, our corduroys.

Dandy Cords

Cordings is famous the world over as the home of dandy cords, with a rainbow wall filled with every shade imaginable in our store in Piccadilly. Jack Wills were keen to replicate the combination of a traditional cloth with unexpected, rich colours that epitomises our collection, and so the Copthorne trouser was born. Reinterpreted, from our flat front corduroy trousers, in a slim leg, in a wide range of colours from navy through damson to saffron. For the girls, the Calbourne was designed, based on our fabulous Jodhpur a slim, sexy cord jean in a myriad of colours. Both styles are selling like hot cakes, and we like to think we have both helped brighten up the legs of Britain through the dark, dreary months!

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