The Autumn Pheasant Shoot

Thursday, 1 September 2016
The Autumn Pheasant Shoot
The camaraderie of a shoot is second to none

The old adage ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only incorrect attire’ is all very well, but in the field, the gun can be subjected to four seasons in one day; especially in the Autumn. One moment the sun is blazing, and then comes the rain, the gale force wind, and then back to blazing sunshine.

Layering is important, with items that can be added and taken off between drives. A shooting waistcoat isn’t bulky, fits under our field coats and can be worn on its own if the weather is warm. With bellow pockets and recoil pads cleverly hidden under the shoulder patches, it is practically designed to enhance your day.

Made in Britain, our field coats are fine examples of British workmanship. Made using Teflon coated Scottish tweeds they are fully waterproof with a breathable membrane. With cartridge pockets, hand warmer pockets and storm tabs, they will keep out the most persistent weather.

Breeks in a matching tweed complete the outfit, they tuck into your shooting stocking, to create an impenetrable barrier to the elements. Tie your garters neatly under the cuff of the shooting stocking to keep them in place, letting about 2” show below the cuff. They are also a great opportunity to add a dash of colour to the outfit, match them to your tie or the overcheck in your tweed.

When selecting a neck tie, look for country motifs; our pheasant and hare designs are perennially popular, whilst the plain wool ties set off the hues in the tweeds perfectly.

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