Harry Meade and Cordings

Friday, 26 April 2024
Harry Meade and Cordings

In the world of equestrian sports, few names resonate with as much style and sophistication as Harry Meade.  Renowned for his exceptional talent in eventing, his trot ups are eagerly anticipated, as much for his style as the horses.  Synonymous with the timeless British look, like Cordings, Harry shares an admiration for heritage craftsmanship and for classic understated elegance which makes him an ideal ambassador for the brand.

The Man Behind the Style

Harry Meade’s journey into the equestrian world began at an early age, nurtured by a family deeply entrenched in the sport. His father, Richard Meade, was one of Britain’s most successful male equestrian athletes with 3 Olympic gold medals to his name. Therefore, it was only natural that Harry’s early introduction to the sport, coupled with his dedication and passion for eventing, would propel him to the success he has achieved today. 

From representing Great Britain in the world championships, winning a silver medal as part of the 2014 team, to claiming victories at prestigious events such as Badminton and Burghley, his career is a testament to his exceptional skill in the saddle.  Harry has been part of the Lottery-funded World Class Squad for the past twelve years.

Meade’s approach to producing event horses is meticulous.  As he describes it:

‘Producing event horses is like squeezing 10 days’ work into a week for every horse – the higher-level horses gallop twice a week, and with dressage and show jumping training, as well as out-of-season competitions for both disciplines, and cross-country schooling whenever the deluges cease, it’s like packing lamps into Marry Poppins’ bag.’

Harry Meade riding one of his eventing horses Nashville at the end of the 22nd cross country schooling round at Larkhill
The end of the 22nd cross country schooling round at Larkhill – 6 year old Nashville
4 of Harry Meade's eventing horses in the training yard at Tweseldown.
Behind the scenes at Tweseldown, the historic and iconic equestrian venue – it’s a military operation!

Discussing his team of horses this year, Harry says:

Years of producing horses from scatty three- or four-year-olds through the grades has paid off as we look forward to a strong hand at each of the major events. The current focus is on Badminton, with entries for Cavalier Crystal, Away Cruising and Red Kite, all of whom we have had from the start of their careers. Annaghmore Valoner and Et Hop du Matz spearhead our Bramham campaign, with each of the younger horses targeting a spring international at the relevant level.’

The Perfect Fit for Cordings

It’s not just Meade’s success in the equestrian arena that makes him the ideal ambassador for Cordings – it’s his love of British style and connection to the British countryside. Like Harry, Cordings has a long-standing relationship with the equestrian world.  Since 1839, Cordings has been offering timeless clothing and accessories crafted with meticulous attention to detail, but our original rai-son d’être was providing practical clothing for riders on horseback. 

Whilst eventing, Harry is renowned for wearing a variety of outstanding colours:

Harry Meade wearing a pair of Cordings bright lime chinos and Bambridge linen navy suit, next to one of his horses and a woman
Harry wearing a pair of Cordings brightlt coloured Chinos and our wine bottle woven Silk Hare Tie
Harry Meade in a navy jacket, Cordings tie and Cordings lilac chinos, running with a white horse during the trot up in the Badminton Horse Trials
Harry in a pair of Cordings Lilac Chinos and one of our Woven Silk Hare Ties
Harry Meade wearing a bright royal blue Cordings linen suit whilst walking alongside a white horse at Badminton Horse Trials
Running in bright blue – Harry dressed head to toe in a Blue Bambridge Cordings Suit
Harry Meade running alongside a brown horse in the rain at Badminton Horse Trials
Caught in the Rain: Harry wearing a pair of Pale Blue Chino Trousers

As the season unfolds, Meade and his team eagerly anticipate the pinnacle events such as Badminton horse trials and Bramham, where their years of dedication to nurturing young talent are set to bear fruit. Additionally, with four horses long listed for the Paris Olympics, the stakes are high, fuelling their determination to excel on the world stage.

As Harry Meade continues to leave his mark on the world of equestrian sports, his partnership with Cordings serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic British clothing. With Meade in the saddle and Cordings dressing the part, the future looks undeniably stylish.

Harry Meade competing in a cross country race' or similar.