Dressing the Mannequin – Cheltenham Special

Tuesday, 13 February 2024
Dressing the Mannequin – Cheltenham Special

The renowned Cheltenham Festival is not only one of the most iconic events of the National Hunt racing calendar, but equally a celebration of the classic British style.  A style that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years and encapsulates understated elegance. A style that has evolved in a climate often beset with challenging weather; it combines timeless silhouettes with practical details and robust cloths. Many regard Cheltenham Festival as a fashion event just as much as an equine one, and celebrities and influencers in attendance often treat the festival as a 4 day-long catwalk, the largest red-carpet event of the horse racing world. 

Which is why we’ve decided to dedicate the 4th edition of our ‘Dressing the Mannequin’ series to Cheltenham.

Men’s Cheltenham Outfit

Our male Cheltenham Mannequin has been dressed and styled by Conrad.  Conrad has been part of the Cordings team at our Piccadilly store for over 15 years and his family have been involved in horse racing for as long as he can remember.  He tries to attend Cheltenham Festival every year and so perfectly understands the blend of polished practicality that defines the Cheltenham dress code.

The colour scheme Conrad has decided upon is a classic earthy green, synonymous with the British country look, made up of our Firley Herringbone Tweed Jacket with matching waistcoat and trousers.  Tweed has always been a favourite material to wear at this renowned festival, both because of its cultural significance and its durability, so is an excellent choice when selecting your Cheltenham outfit.

The Cordings Firley Herringbone Tweed collection, made from Scottish cloth, is very popular, and for those who want to take the coordinated three piece look even further and acquire matching accessories, Firley tweed flasks are also included within the collection.  Twinning the items lurking in your pockets with your exquisite outfit is an admirable commitment to the look. 

Paired with the suit is our pale blue large overcheck tattersall shirt, which is not only a great choice due to how nicely the blue, green and orange pattern complements the earthy tones of the suit, but also because of the heritage of the tattersall shirt.  These immediately recognisable, simple two or three colour over checks began life as horse blankets. First commissioned by Richard Tattersall in 1766, for use on the racehorses auctioned at his eponymous auction house, near Hyde Park.  Tattersall shirts have been a staple of the Cordings clothing selection since 1900 and are still a deserved best seller today.

To accessorise, Conrad has chosen our Olive Speeding Hound Tie, which brings depth to the outfit by introducing a darker shade to the ensemble.  As you can never go wrong with a subtle pop of colour, our contented mannequin has been decorated with a Wine Woodland Stag Handkerchief, which adds a touch of flair and playfulness to the outfit.

Wear Conrad’s Design

Ladies Outfit

Our female Mannequin has been styled by Alison, our Ladieswear Manager, with over 10 years’ experience at Cordings, her ability to craft show stopping outfits for Cheltenham is second to none. Alison has chosen a beautiful, slick and eye-catching look for her mannequin friend that, just as importantly, would also keep you warm on what could possibly be a chilly couple of days.

This outfit is a unique fusion of the contemporary country woman and that signature gothic style of the 1800s.  Dressed in our striking black opera twill coat and black velvet jeans, the combination of the subtle colours and the striking details pair nicely.  Underneath the coat is our white Frill Collared Shirt, which adds so much extra character to the outfit.

The centre piece is a stunning Clare Haggis Oyster and Teal silk scarf coupled with a silver scarf ring.  This beautiful smooth and warm colour breaks up the black and white perfectly.  If you want to bring in some more accessories, Alison recommends our Camel Fedora Hat with leather trim and a pair of Tan Nappa Leather Gloves with fur cuffs.

Wear Alison’s Design

Thank you to both our wonderful stylists, Alison and Conrad.  For additional Cheltenham outfit ideas, check out our respective men’s and women’s Cheltenham outfit collections.