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The Tweed Run

Wednesday, 22 March 2017
The Tweed Run

The Tweed Run is the brain child of Ted Young Ing who in 2009, managed to get permission for the first event, when 300 tweed-clad cyclists gathered at the top of London’s Savile Row on a chilly February morning. The spectacle of 300 cyclists, some on vintage bikes and all dressed in their finest tweed caught the imagination of both the press and the public, it epitomises a certain element of British culture; an eccentric, well-mannered celebration of two wheels, tweed and tea.

Ted Young Ing  founder of the Tweed Run
Ted Young Ing founder of the Tweed Run

Tea Time at the Tweed Run
Tea Time at the Tweed Run

Worldwide events followed, including St Petersburg, Tokyo and New York, all with their unique flavour but all take their lead from Britain, with riders wearing a wonderful mixture of British tweeds and fashion, blended with more local influences.
Cordings have been a proud sponsor of the event since the second run; we became aware of it as riders began to come into our Piccadilly store to get kitted out. The authenticity of Cordings clothing, our pride in using British tweeds and our long history make us the perfect partner to the core values created by Ted. Many riders buy complete outfits from Cordings, or use the store to add their finishing touches, such as long socks, caps and waistcoats.
We take our judging of the Dashing Dame and Dapper Chap award very seriously, and are constantly inspired by the combinations of colour, cloth and styles that are used. The Tweed Run has uncovered some rare vintage Cordings pieces, including a 1930’s Norfolk Jacket and a rare pair of canvas and leather boots.

We asked Tim Brice, store manager, cyclist and tweed aficionado what he looks for when judging the competition; ‘the outfits that stand out for me are those that are perfectly accessorised, those that make you look a little closer to see the details. It is probably an occasion when our usual byword ‘understated’ is less relevant, but the riders always manage to combine wit and style without looking garish’
For your chance to win two tickets to this years Tweed Run, May 14th 2016, click here. We look forward to seeing you.

Cordings Tim

Tim Brice, store manager and tweed aficionado.
Tim Brice, store manager and tweed aficionado.

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