Combining technical expertise with style, Schoffel is the ultimate performance brand.


Cordings of Piccadilly's heart is in the country clothing and our field clothing categories, for men and for women, feature some beautifully designed functional pieces for your day out in the field.

As well as Cordings brand items such as the Action Back and Keepers Tweed jackets and Plus Twos and Plus Fours we also stock a wide range of Schoffel country clothing such as the Navy Schoffel Manton Quilted coat. As a specialist brand Schoffel's focus is on fabric and technique in construction that allows them to produce superb field and country clothing that ticks all the right boxes in country wear.

Like Schoffel and no less a specialist in field and country clothing, Cordings' field product is right at the top in terms of design, technology and construction also. The aforementioned Action Back jacket being an indispensable part of your field clothing wardrobe. It gives a superb ease of movement but retains perfect shape as with all Cordings field jackets. Likewise the Keepers Tweed Jacket is a truly coveted piece. Soft to the touch and luxurious in look and feel the Cordings Keepers Tweed Jacket offers timeless and classic design. These are a firm favourite amongst our customers and like us, the older they get, the better they become. Country clothing at it's finest.

Our cotton shooting stockings come in a variety of colours and are the final touch to your field and country clothing outfit. Shooting stockings offer warmth and protection and (don't tell anyone) you'll be wearing them for their stylish design too! As well as with your shooting breeks these stocking are also the perfect with wellington boots too.

Shop the Cordings field and country clothing section for your choice of Schoffel, Cordings Action Back Jackets and Keepers Tweed, plus twos, fours and shooting breeks and stockings. All available online now.