Men's Country Belts
Men's Country Belts
Men's Country Belts

Men's Country Belts

Our colourful selection of men's country belts feature understated stylish pairings for our men's twill jeans, including Argentinian polo belts and British leather belts.
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Our colourful argentinian polo belts and British leather belts. Understated stylish pairings for our men's twill jeans.

Men's Belts

Typically made of leather, belts have been worn as early as the bronze age by both men and women and serve both a practical and decorative purpose. Since the 1920s, belts have become a staple of the classic British look.

Do men and women wear belts differently?

Traditionally, men should wear their belts from left to right whereas women should slot their belt through the waistband from right to left.

How do I choose the right belt size?

To choose the right size belt, measure your waist size at the point where you typically wear your trousers. Belt sizes usually correspond to waist measurements in inches. Alternatively, you can use your trouser size as a guide, typically adding a few inches to accommodate for the thickness of clothing.

How do you care for a leather belt?

Belts should never need washing and can be kept clean with a damp cloth. As long as you do not excessively bend or fold your belts, they should last a very long time.

What should I wear with a belt?

Belts are incredibly versatile and can be worn both formally and casually. A belt should never be the centre piece of your outfit and should only be used to complement other colours. A plain belt that blends into an outfit subtlety is the more popular way to wear the accessory, but a belt can also be paired well with ties and handkerchiefs.