Le Chameau: iconic boots

Tuesday, 6 September 2016
Le Chameau: iconic boots

Le Chameau has established itself as one of the largest footwear companies in the world. The prestigious footwear company was initially founded in 1927, by Claude Chamot. Chamot was approached by annoyed fishermen and farmers who would constantly complain about the poor quality of their boots. After creating numerous prototypes and making use of the vulcanisation process Chamot revolutionised the wellington boot industry by creating the first pair of natural rubber boots. Unlike many, Chamot provided handmade boots fitted to your personal requirements making for the perfect fit. Before long, customers from all over France were travelling to his store to be fitted for their own bespoke boots. By 1939, demand for Chamot’s outdoor boots grew massively and Chamot acquired a workshop at Pont d’Ouilly, Normandy.

This larger workshop allowed Chamot to produce on a much larger scale, but his craftsmanship still maintained the exceptional quality that ensured his reputation lasted to this day. With business booming and demand higher than ever, Chamot invested in a new factory in Casablanca, Morocco, where Normandy trained bottiers ensured the Chamot standards were upheld. As a testament to this new expansion in Morocco, Chamot rebranded the business as ‘Le Chameau’ – which translates to ‘the camel’.

The Le Chameau range was expanding all the time, with specialist styles and fittings to suit a wide range of professions and outdoor pursuits. Le Chameau innovative reputation continued in the 1950’s, as Chamot combined the expertise of the maitre bottier with that of the saddler to create the Saint Hubert – the first rubber boot to feature a leather lining.

Boot lasts and natural rubber at Le Chameau
Boot lasts and natural rubber at Le Chameau

Le Chameau quickly got the reputation of providing the highest quality and this was showcased by Chamot’s obsession with customer service, as Le Chameau have a specialist team at Pont D’Ouilly to refurbish owners’ boots. Fast forward to today and Le Chameau are still at the forefront of fashion. Le Chameau continue to set the standards of performance that Claude Chamot worked day and night to ensure. With their Maitres Bottiers handcrafting Le Chameau boots for over 87 years, quality is guaranteed with a pair of Le Chameau. The dedication and commitment of the Maitres Bottiers, after 9 months of intensive training, truly sets the brand and its products apart.

Cordings are proud to be stocking this iconic brand both online and in our two stores in London and Harrogate.

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