Cordings in the press

Country Life

Cut from a different cloth

"Beloved of rock stars and gentleman farmers alike, Piccadilly outfitter Cordings is an enigma wrapped in yards of top-quality tweed."

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Boys aloud

"In the City of London, brightly coloured trousers sell best"

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Telegraph On-line

Catwalk in the country

"For a while the store has been slipping occasional juicy fashion morsels - leather jodhpurs and Spanish riding boots similar to those worn by Jemima Khan and Kate Middleton"

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BBC News

Clapton rescues gentlemen's shop

"The guitarist said he has been fond of the shop since a window display caught his eye when he was 16, and has been a regular shopper for the past two years"

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Sunday Times Newspaper

The way we Waugh by David Mills

"In the end, though, give or take a trouser pleat here, a narrower lapel there, you have to say that it is pretty much classic English style"

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The Handbook

Coxon for Cordings

"it has now been noted that Blur guitarist Graham Coxon is the star of the latest advertisements"

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GQ Magazine :: Style Section

Eric's New Coat

"Beloved of aristo dandies and bankrolled by Eric Clapton, Cordings is a bastion of stability in the maelstrom of modern men's retailing"

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Esquire Magazine

It's hip to be squire

"Fasion has finally realised tweed is too good to be left to uncles and farmers"

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Times Online

Stunning feet of postwar engineering

Cordings can address all those women who, as he quaintly puts it, “want to accompany their husbands, boyfriends in the countryside.

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The Field Magazine

Eat you heart out, Rupert Bear

"Wearing loud tweed is a bit like taking drugs - it only gets stronger and you never go back to a weaker check"

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The Independant

Sparks fly as Draper meets his tormentor

"Four years after Eric Clapton bought up a 50 per cent stake in Cordings, fellow guitar god Graham Coxon has bestowed his patronage on the esteemed country outfitters"