The Ilkley Tweed Jacket – performance and style.

Thursday, 18 October 2018
The Ilkley Tweed Jacket – performance and style.

Perhaps one of the bolder tweeds of the season, the Ilkley cloth is exclusively designed and woven for Cordings in Lancashire to produce a classic and unique hacking jacket.

Since 1839, Cordings have strived to blend practicality, performance and style into our collections. Our tweed jackets are tailored in a timeless British block, and the use of specialist techniques in the cloth weaving ensures that they are built to last. Unlike many tweed jackets they will retain their shape for years to come.

The yarn used in the Ilkley tweed uses a very traditional  spinning technique called twisting, where two different wool threads are twisted together and then woven, producing a marled effect within the cloth, the twisting also makes the cloth thornproof. The tweed also has a technical NANOBLOC® finish, which ensures that rain water will run off and not absorbed.

Tightly twisted yarn and specialist finishing combine to make the Ilkley tweed thornproof and showerproof.

This jacket has a throat tab, an original feature used on jackets in our archive dating back from the late nineteenth century, when not in use it is buttoned to the inside of the front fore-part of the jacket. The detachable tab is designed to be worn in adverse weather conditions, effectively making the jacket buttoned up to the neck, keeping you warm and dry.

The throat tab detailing is designed to keep you warm and dry in inclement weather.

The Ilkley Hacking jacket is named after the famous moor in Yorkshire, where one could aptly wear this garment in all weather conditions. It is the ultimate performance jacket, but undoubtedly more stylish than a modern equivalent. Team with a tattersall shirt and corduroy trousers for a timeless British look.

Ilkley Moor – the rugged landscape that inspired our latest tweed.
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