Historic Win for Harry Meade

Friday, 14 June 2024

Harry Meade Triumphs at Bramham Horse Trials

In a captivating display of training and finesse, Harry Meade clinched his first British CCI4*-L victory at the prestigious Bramham Horse Trials last weekend. This triumph, particularly poignant as the event celebrated its 50th anniversary, paying homage to both the historic significance of Bramham and Meade’s own family history.

Harry at Bramham Horse Trials on Sunday 9th June 2024 wearing Cordings Pale Blue Chino Trousers, Soft Pink Linen Shirt, Argentinian Polo Belt and Blue Jacket.

Harry Meade is a Cordings Ambassador who wears our clothes in his ‘off the horse’ life, including the trot up phase of the three day event; in which the health and welfare of each horse is assessed before it competes prior to the third phase of show jumping.

Bramham Horse Trials: A Historic Venue

The Bramham Horse Trials, established in 1974, holds a cherished place in the eventing calendar. Known for its challenging courses and picturesque setting, it remains a crucial stepping stone for riders aspiring to compete at the five-star level. Harry Meade’s win at Bramham is not just a personal milestone but a nod to the rich heritage of the sport. Remarkably, Harry’s father, Richard Meade, secured victory at Bramham in 1975, making this win a touching continuation of a family tradition.

The CCI4*-L category, in which Meade triumphed, is one of the sport’s most demanding formats, testing the partnership between horse and rider across three phases: dressage, cross-country and show jumping. This long-format event remains integral to preparing riders and their horses for the rigors of five-star competitions. Despite the growing popularity of short-format events, the tough standards of the CCI4*-L are essential for developing top-level eventing horses.

Harry emphasized the importance of Bramham in his career and how without Bramham, it would be much more difficult to produce horses for the big five-stars.

Harry at a previous horse trial event in our Khaki Cotton Drill Suit Jacket

Claiming Victory

Riding the 12-year-old mare Annaghmore Valoner, owned by Dinah and Stephen Posford and their daughter Jules Carter, Harry placed second after the dressage and cross-country stages. The final showjumping phase saw him maintain a clear round, putting pressure on the overnight leader, Tom Jackson. Jackson’s unfortunate fault at the first fence paved the way for Meade to claim victory.

Harry has always taken the training of his horses very seriously and careful management of Annaghmore Valoner’s training has paid off.  To read more about the preparation Harry has put in for this years event calendar, you can read our previous blog about his partnership with Cordings here.

As Harry and Annaghmore Valoner look to the future, their victory at Bramham serves as a testament to their potential and the enduring legacy of the Meade family in the world of eventing.

A Celebration of Tradition and Excellence

Harry Meade’s victory at the 50th Defender Bramham Horse Trials not only marks a personal achievement but also celebrates the heritage and future of equestrian sports. As a proud ambassador for Cordings, Harry embodies the blend of tradition, excellence, and forward-thinking that defines both his approach to the sport and his partnership with the brand.