Cordings and Clive Christian Collaboration

Friday, 1 June 2018
Cordings and Clive Christian Collaboration

As part of London Craft week, Cordings was invited to collaborate with the Luxury British Interior designer, Clive Christian, to create a bespoke gentleman’s wardrobe, for town and country.

About Clive Christian:
For over 30 years, Clive Christian has pursued a passion for transforming the expected into the extraordinary and these town and country cabinets are no exception. Whilst Clive Christian usually works in close collaboration with their clients, this time around they had Cordings as their muse, drawing inspiration from our Edwardian wood panelling in the store, colours of the tweeds and sporting motifs of our jacket lining.

2 walnut cabinets, bespokely made by Clive Christian, filled with Cordings accessories and menswear.
The Town and Vanity Cabinets made from American walnut timbers.

The Gentleman’s Wardrobe:
The resulting room, with marquetry, carved details and leather inlay is breathtakingly handsome and is fully dressed by Cordings with a complete British gent’s wardrobe, from boxer shorts to shooting coats. The collection consists of 3 key pieces, The Town Cabinet, The Vanity Cabinet and The Grand Country Cabinet.

The Town and Vanity Cabinets:
These beautiful pieces are crafted from American Walnut timbers. The interiors are decorated with striking union jack blue leather – a sartorial tone one would expect to find lining a sharp business suit. Space allowed us to hang a selection of Cordings town attire, including our city suits, crisp chinos and our fine merino knitwear. The cabinet features 2 deep segmented drawers, perfect for filling with accessories including belts, socks, braces and ties.

Features of the Vanity Cabinet include a hat storage shelf, complete with turned walnut stands, displaying below the Cordings linen and corduroy hats. The cabinet also has a smart, antique bronze mirror with warm, recessed lighting, activated by a sensor. One of the two deep drawers features a dry bar, complete with a removable tray and compartmental storage and the second drawer we felt perfect for boxer shorts, pyjamas and slippers.

4 pictures to show the inside drawers of the town and vanity cabinets.
Inside the Town and Vanity Cabinets featuring Cordings ties, cufflinks, handkerchiefs and pyjamas

The Grand Country Cabinet
This piece is crafted from European Oak timbers. Clive Christian lined the interior of the wardrobe with a beautiful light green leather, whilst a subtle nod to the country, it was specifically chosen to match our Cordings House Check tweed, which we duly filled inside the wardrobe.
The complete house check collection can be seen in this wardrobe ranging from breeks and flat caps to hacking jackets and luggage.

The central section of this cabinet has double height hanging space, ideal for long mackintoshes, coats and boots. With further hanging space to the left and right, you’ll notice below the internal base cabinetry drawers, perfect for shooting stockings and other field wear items. Clive Christian etched our field sports motifs onto the side of the drawers for a personalised touch. Inside the drawers, you’ll see a raised compartment, ideal for hiding any secret things!

3 pictures of drawers, full of shooting accessories.
The drawers to the left and right of the central segment of the Country Cabinet featuring the Cordings shooting motifs.
The Grand Country Cabinet, made from European Oak timbers and walnut detailing, full of a country gentleman's wardrobe essentials.
The Grand Country Cabinet, made from European Oak timbers and walnut detailing, full of a country gentleman’s wardrobe essentials.