What People say about Cordings

Captain Agar Adamson writes to his wife during the First World War.

"Hance has no Mackintosh and I want to give him one. I know Cordings are the best. He is 5' 6" height. It must be large and roomy but not too heavy. The very thin ones from anywhere else are no good as they tear at once, Cordings has a fairly light one which I know to be very reliable."

Agar Adamson was promoted to Lt. Colonel and commanded a regiment of Light Infantry at Vimy. Hance was his Batman and both he and his Cordings Macintosh survived the war.

Robin Dutt, Style writer, broadcaster and curator.

"To me, Cordings has always presented sartorially correct clothes whether for town or country. Whilst the styles and fabrics are certainly traditional, there is enough elegant quirkiness in many of the plaids and weaves to excite the contemporary shopper.
But it is when it comes to the latest collection where I feel Cordings has scored the highest points. Because of its heritage and knowledge of cuts and cloths the company's interpretation of more cutting edge clothes with a nod to up to the minute styling is honest and certainly a natural development."

Dan Macmillan (Viscount Ovenden)

"Cordings make the finest quality clothing for the quintessentially elegant gentleman with emphasis on the specific requirements of the country gentleman which should not be compromised. Cordings is an institution that should be maintained and preserved."

Mark Powell. Tailor 

"Cordings make the best Covert coats, corduroys, moleskins and all the accoutrements. When I need a covert coat I get it from Cordings rather than make one myself and I'm a tailor so I should know! Cordings is without doubt, the best at what they do; they produce a quality which surpasses any other company of its kind in Britain."

Damien Hirst. Artist.

"Wot a shop!"

W.F. Deedes. Former editor of the Daily Telegraph, writing about travelling around Angola with Diana, Princess of Wales. 

"Dressing for Africa, if you are going to mix with the poor, calls for more thought than finding the right clothes for the Lord Mayor's Ball. At one time I thought golf slacks looked right, but they did not come up to the standards of my travelling companion. For men, white shirts with long or short sleeves are safest and coolest. Cotton trousers for men are difficult because they lose their crease. I buy mine, with turn-ups, or what the Americans call "cuffs", from the long established house of Cordings in Piccadilly. The trousers keep their crease and hang extremely well."

Denis Thatcher. Customer.

"My favourite shop."

Duke of Wellington. Customer. 

"Without question Cordings is the complete outfitter, you have everything under one roof."

Malcolm McClaren. Customer and manager of the Sex Pistols.

"Cordings? Oh yes, they're the people who invented the covert coat."

Avril Groom. Signature Magazine and Financial Times. 

"The Cordings Covert coat looks as good over a city suit as it does over tweeds on chilly days."

 John Leavey. Writing in the Midweek magazine on the haunts of Sherlock Holmes.

"If I hadn't already possessed one. A real Inverness cape, made from Harris Tweed, could have been purchased from Cordings, gentleman's outfitters, 19 Piccadilly W1."

John Morgan. Writes on lightweight suiting in the Financial Times.

"Cordings summer in the city suit made from a high twist Australia Merino wool, it has a crisp but soft feel as well as being crease resistant and light weight. It is the sort of suit that takes a man from business meeting to dinner date."

Henry Brocklehurst. Heir to Sudeley Castle.

"This is what I'm all about now. Look at this Cordings hacking jacket. Everything I rebelled against in England are now things I want to incorporate in my life."

An extract from 'Reflections in a silver Spoon' by Paul Mellon tells how he owes his life to a Cordings Mackintosh.

"I was walking out of the parade ring, having looked at my horse and discussed the forthcoming race with my trainer, Ian Balding, when another horse catching site of my shadow, ran three paces backward and delivered a vicious kick that caught me just under my right rib cage. Winded and groaning horribly, and doubled up in great pain, I was carried to the casualty room. Ian and an old friend and racecourse official, Brigadier Roscoe Harvey, first deposited me on a nearby bench. Roscoe's immediate question when I managed to gain a little control was whiskey or brandy? I opted for brandy, and it was a lifesaver! Because of suspected damage to the liver, I was allowed no painkillers. Following a long and painful delay they got me to a hospital in Bath, where I came under the care of a fine surgeon, Mr John. After the first night he decided fortunately that an operation wasn't necessary. With expert care, I gradually recovered, but there was no hunting the following season. I later discovered that I immediately owed my life to the fact that I was wearing a heavy Cordings raincoat and that I was further protected by my well filled wallet and a silver Parker pen. The raincoat bore a clear hoofmark and the silver pen was bent in the middle at an angle of forty-five degrees. The Cordings raincoat hangs on display at Oak Spring, and the pen, set in plastic, resides on my desk in my office, both kept as relics that prevented my premature propulsion into the next world."  Paul Mellon. Customer and one of the greatest patrons of British art and the breeder and owner of the Derby winner Mill Reef.

Mark Kent, Cordings customer and fundraiser. 

"In 1999 I ordered one of your shooting coats. It was a special order, in blue Calvary twill. In 2000 I raised £6000 for R.N.L.I by motorcycling solo from New Delhi to London. I passed Monsoon, thousands of miles of desert, a number of mountain ranges, two conflict zones and was still presentable for drinks when I reached Florence. The coat is an excellent waterproof/windproof, pantry, groundsheet, blanket and armour against large hailstones and small stones. Since 1999 it has also withstood daily use in London motorcycle despatch, and for 4 years while courier for Hansard/H.M.S.O. In today's climate it is a worthwhile investment."

John Wiles letter to the Telegraph. 

"Well-shod God. Sir, Congratulations to Eric Clapton for his interest in Cordings of Piccadilly. I wonder if he will reinstate the single waterproof boot in the tank of water which stood in the window for so many years and became a symbol of lasting quality and, dare one say, a national landmark on a par with the likes of Eros and Nelson's Column?"


I am sure that you all must have enjoyed the publicity about the boot in the letters pages of the Telegraph recently. My interest in Cordings stems from the fact that I cut up the side of the shop past the boot for all the years I was en route from Chelsea to my office at Austin Reeds. There was something utterly mesmeric about it and I often stopped just to look at it. Whatever happened to the boot and tank? I assume it went out in one of those previous re-vamps of the company.

Mr. A.M. Spear

"Quite recently I placed an order online for two Cordings shirts. The order was placed a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived this morning. I was immediately impressed by the excellent quality given to the design of the shirts; they were all nice, clean, and above all, vibrant colours. Finally, I wish to mention, at the same time, that the service was very speedy. I extremely very pleased with my purchase."

David A. Reed, PhD, University of Dayton, Ohio USA.

"I just received my first package from your store, and I want to tell you, I'M IN LOVE with your shirts! In fact, I've ordered some more...
What wonderful quality! Thank you so much for producing such wonderful items... "

Dr. Mathias Mailaender

"Having just received the Covert Coat ordered from you, I must say that I am extremely pleased with it. To say the least, I am glad to see how perfectly understatement, craftsmanship and elegance are blended in your covert coat -- just what I expected from those who invented it."

Urban Alehagen, Associate Professor in Cardiology, Sweden

I have just received the corduroy trousers that I ordered from you. I have never seen such trousers before! The quality is one of the highest I have seen! I am most curious about the jackets you have, however I don´t dare to order by mail - I have to come by next time I get to London. So I am most contended with your excellent corduroy trousers!!

Ari Sadri, The Pitcher Inn, Relais & Chateaux, Warren, Vermont

I ordered a pair of your corduroy trousers earlier this week and just took delivery of them. The trousers are such a beautiful garment that I was, uncharacteristically, inspired to write a short note. The hand of the fabric is substantial and yet beautifully soft. The cut of the trousers is perfect. I am off to my tailor to have them hemmed- I cannot wait to wear them!

Jason E. McConnell

Some years ago now I purchased some shirts from your store and have always enjoyed them. They've stood up well and it has been my pleasure to own and wear them. Recently I placed an order for a shirt, tie and sports coat. It arrived today. While I have never written feedback of any sort I felt compelled to send this letter to you to simply express how exceptionally pleased I am with your products. The shirt I received is, if anything finer than the others of yours I have. I am fortunate to be of a rather standard size so manage to mostly avoid the costly nature of bespoke clothing. Traditionally I have purchased my sports coats from Naples, but I must say, the sports coat I received from you, today, may well be an instant favourite. Apologies for being lengthy; in short I simply wish to express great satisfaction and thanks for prompt service and excellent products

Michael Schlüter

Dear Cordings Team, I love England, I love English country style clothes and now I love you! Even with the little hassle about the shipping fee you managed to deliver from London to Hamburg in less than a day! I have never experienced such fast delivery inside of Germany (except when you pay an extra high express fee...) - and combined with such a friendly and informative customer service: perfect!

Janine Clatworthy

"My 63 yr old father ordered two Tattersall shirts in your sale - arrived today. They fit perfectly and are as soft as snow. My father told me that he hadn't had such good tails on a shirt in 40yrs. Well done Cordings!" 

Florence Reynolds

 I just want to say how I love visiting your store in Piccadilly. I think your staff really do deserve some recognition for their impeccable service - which is without fail the best I recieve throughout my shopping sprees in London. They are always personable and efficient and kind and even if I am buying  a scarf or a whole outfit - they never vary their level of service. I just want them to know that their efforts are not wasted and to keep up the good work!