Find the perfect Christmas gift.

Sunday, 25 November 2018
Find the perfect Christmas gift.
Christmas Mince Pies
Bribed with mince pies, our team share their gift ideas.

It is that time of year again when our two doyennes of Cordings Customer service, Natalia and Catherine are proffering advice to those looking buy a gift to make their loved ones Christmas perfect. Their success rate in helping hit the mark is second to none, so armed with a plate of warm mince pies, we quizzed them on their country gift picks for sure fire winners this Christmas.

Top Tips for Stocking Fillers?

Cordings socks are never a boring present! We sell so many pairs in the run up to Christmas, with the motif designs being particularly popular. The pheasant sock is flying out this year (groan), especially the green. If you are buying a stocking filler for a keen sportsman, the leather shooting gloves are practical and beautifully made. For ladies, the shooting stockings are always a winner; they seem to be often bought to be worn as indoor ‘slouch’ socks. Our wine Chelsea shooting stocking is a good choice.

Our silk hanks are beautiful, we often see them bought with a tie, my tips for a hank and tie set are the hunting silk hank teamed with a plain silk knitted tie.A really lovely stocking filler for ladies is the feather silk square scarf, it goes so well with everything and is really luxurious.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men


Top Tips for Main Presents for Ladies?

If you aren’t sure of her size, avoid the more tailored products like jackets and trousers. Our serapes and capes are incredibly versatile and can add a touch of style to any outfit. We have had to reorder cashmere ponchos this year as they were so popular.

I am going to team my suggestion with Natalia’s! Our fur felt trilbies are unusual, unique and stylish gifts, and we have rarely had a return on a ladies hat. If we are talking main presents, then you must also buy her a pair of boots, a head to toe present! I personally love these brogue boots.






Top Tips for Main Presents for Men?

The covert coat! It is an iconic garment that will last for decades, and doesn’t date. It is easier to find out the size of your gents coat, make sure you look at the label of one they currently wear. It is best not to guess. Also don’t order a velvet collar if you are buying it for a present, as we can’t exchange them if they have been altered.

The Tustings Thorner bag has been very popular this year, it is really beautifully crafted a really practical accessory that is equally useful as a work bag or in the field.

What other advice can you share on buying the perfect gift?


Get The Size Right

• Always check the size; look in their current wardrobes for clues, and never guess. A furtive glance at most items of clothing will give you this information.
• Especially for women, avoid tailored items such as jackets if you are unsure of the right size. Knitwear is one of our best-selling presents, partly because it is easier to get the size right.

Gift An Outfit

• Try to buy a gift that you know will match something in their wardrobe, one comment that is heard when returning an item is ‘I have nothing to go with it’.
• Putting together an outfit for that special unique Christmas gift is also popular. Talk to Natalia and Catherine on 0207 7584122 for advice. A shirt, tie and pair of trousers are the most frequently bought Christmas outfit.
• Buying an item from our classic tweed ranges such as the House Check Tweed is also popular, as you can continue to add to their wardrobe with matching items, as these run year after year.

Luxurious Accessories

• A touch of luxury is often well received, a pair of cashmere socks, or our silk and wool scarves are hugely popular.
Boots and shoes are very popular for ladies at this time of year; it is a fact of life that a woman never has enough shoes.

Gift Vouchers

• Still at a complete loss? Our gift vouchers, in a range of denominations are the perfect answer.

If you have any questions or want to pick the brains of Natalia and Catherine, please email [email protected] or ring on 0207 7584122, who will be happy to share their experience with you to help you make someone’s Christmas very special. You won’t need to bribe them with mince pies either.

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